Pond Consultation

In the event you are having problems with your pond we can consult with you on what you need to fix any problems you are having. Whether it is equipment troubles, loss of water issues or fish health concerns, we offer expert advice. All Consultation is billed at the rate of $75.00 an hour with a 2 hr. minimum.

Are you a new pond owner?
  • Let us teach you the proper way to test your water!
  • Let us teach you how to clean your filters!
  • Let us teach you how to maintain your pond!
  • Let us teach you how to change water without harming your fish! 
  • Let us teach you what to look out for to avoid equipment failure!

Are you wanting to repair your distressed pond?
  • Let us show you the proper ways of building a pond.
  • Let us show you what to do and what not to do.
  • Let us show you the proper way of installing your equipment.
  • Let us help you decide which equipment is necessary for your pond.
  • Let us help you enjoy your pond.

 Does your pond require emergency assistance?
We are available 24 hrs a day for emergency situations.  Our emergency service calls are billed @ $150.00 an hour plus supplies.  (2 hr. minimum)

  • Pond Poisoning?
  • Chlorine Poison?
  • Ammonia spike?
  • Nitrite Spike?
  • Ph Crash?